webMethods.io v11.0 Cloud Releases

Following the successful launch of our Super iPaaS in Oct 2023 at the Garner IT Expo in Orlando, the webMethods R&D team delivered key capabilities that were showcased as part of the launch. As a reminder, Super iPaaS is our vision that finally brings together application, data, APIs, B2B and events integration in the same unified platform. We deliver value through three overarching benefits that span the offering: Agility, Productivity and Governance. Together these benefits enable companies to become data-driven businesses, helping customers unlock game-changing value from their data in today’s hybrid, multi-cloud enterprise environment.

Here are the main highlights for the webMethods.io v11.0 cloud products:

webMethods.io Integration

  • Develop anywhere, deploy anywhere
    • Design and develop integrations anywhere with your preferred tooling, whether it’s online in our cloud or offline via webMethods Designer.
    • Deploy integrations anywhere on any runtime whether this is the cloud or self-hosted
    • Eliminate duplicate effort and complicated local configurations.
    • Enjoy increased productivity and agility
  • Centralized control, distributed execution
    • Single pane of glass to Monitor ALL of your integration runtimes via the cloud control plane
    • Provision and control remote runtimes directly from the cloud.
    • Simplified execution, deployment and dependency management across disparate locations using our patented technology.
    • Create distributed integrations that can orchestrate across multiple cloud or self-hosted runtimes.
  • Artificial intelligence
    • Generative AI Connectors – Open AI ChatGPT, Aleph Alpha
    • Guided Integration creation
  • Error callback service for Salesforce
    • Configure error callback service for Salesforce listener
    • Existing flow services can be integrated with the error callback
    • Supports email notification

webMethods.io API

  • API Control Plane
    • Single API catalog for the entire landscape for API product managers
    • Unified view of all runtimes in API landscape for platform owners
    • Organized data planes view for better landscape understanding
    • Common monitoring and analytics dashboard

webMethods.io B2B

  • Self-Service Portal
    • Update all key trading partner details such as contacts, ID‘s and communication links
    • Update certificates to ensure continuous error free connections
    • Assign multiple trading partners to one user allowing a concentric view for complex trading partners
    • Role-based configuration also enables internal users to utilize the portal for document searches on PO‘s, invoices and other key business documents
  • Long-term transaction archival
    • Transaction data resides in primary and archive storage for up to one year
    • Option is now available to move any transactions older than one year to cold storage
    • All data in primary and main archive can be completely queried
    • Option is still available to purge at any time

webMethods.io MFT

  • Metering MFT dashboard
    • Provides real-time usage overview for on-prem and cloud MFT solutions
    • Provide transactions and data volumes overview.
    • Filter on environment type and deployment option.

Other highlights

  • New webMethods.io Edge Runtime
  • Advanced networking option using private links
  • New and updated connectors
  • Automatic virus scanning for all files in MFT
  • Traffic optimization policy performance improvements in Gateway
  • API Marketplace enhancements in Portal