My webMethods Server 6.5.1

We are in the process of upgrading all our IS’s to IS 6.5.1. The one feature we are looking to explore is the My webMethods Server 6.5.1 and the wmMonitor to manage triggers and stuff. The only documentation I can find on My webMethods Server is the admin guide in the portal folder. Are there any other resources available for this? Has any one implemented IS 6.5.1?

My questions are related to the Portal Configurator and the database scripts/tablespace etc.,

Any help regarding this will be greatly appreciated.

I have to get Monitor up and running for some trigger monitoring and testing soon.

Thank you in advance.

There are several guides to help you with this installation. Take a look at the webMethods Install Guide for the Portal piece, Database Guide for the new oracle.bat/sh or msql.bat/sh scripts, and the WmMonitor Doc.

From a sequence standpoint:
1 - Run the webMethods Installer to install the WmMonitor package, my webMethods Server and Portal. The portal configuration will launch at the end of the install. This will configure the portal database.

2 - Run the installation scripts for the database, this will include the normal create/migrate scripts for oracle, sqlserver etc. I would use a separate schema from the rest of the IS stuff.

3- Run the new oracle.bat/sh or scripts to create the process piece of the database (Note: Even if you are not using process models, you still have to do this step in order to use the new my webMethods Server to manage audited services).

4-Configure the IS server to use the database for auditing and the associated all the JDBC pools.

Then the most important step, get all the fixpaks and service paks available for the WmMonitor so it will actually work.

This is just a high level overview of the steps, you will need to read the docs in detail before attempting to do this. Having done all this, it does work but it can be a be tricky to setup. webMethods could have made this a lot easier to do.


I have installed IS 6.5 and WmMonitor on a machine. Database on one machine and Portal-My Webmethods server on another machine.

I configured monitor and IS properties so that they could use the Oracle database.

I can access my webmethods screen using Administrator login.
However I cannot see the links for Documents/Services etc on the screen.
My question is how can I use the My Webmethods Application as a portal for WmMonitor? Do I need to configure anything else for that? I could not find any useful information in the “Getting Started” and My webmethods Admin guide about this.

Any help in this regard is useful.


Make sure you have set the my webMethods Server to talk to the integration server. Under webMethods Configuration, Select System Configuration, and enter the Integration Server setttings. Also make sure the Administrator password for both servers match.

After that you should be able to see any audited services under the Integration Monitoring Tab.

Thanks Mark,
But When I login to My Webmethods server and click on webmethods configuration, all I can see is

  1. Directory Services Administration
  2. Data Source Administration
  3. URL Setup.

There is no link as System Configuration Available.
Do I have to login as PortalAdmin or something like that over here?

Please note that I have installed IS on another physical machine and on Portal-My webmethods server no another WM application is available.

Any help is appreciated.


Try this and let me know what you see.

-Login to my webMethods Server

-Click on the webMethods Configuration Tab on the left hand side of the portal page, you should then see System Configuration, Process Configuration, System Configuration at the top of the Portal Page

-Click on System Configuration

-Fill in System Settings


I tried the same steps but when I login as Administrator/manage i couldn’t see “System Configuration” link there :confused:.

Then I thought there is some problem with the Group/Role authorizations so I added Administrator in the “Portal Developers” group. then logged out and re-login.

Now I can see System configuration link when I click on webMethods Configuration. But under System Configuration->System settings I can not see field apart from page. It is just a display page.

Is there anything else needs to be done from setup perspective?

Starting to sound like the setup is not correct or didn’t install correctly. From an installation standpoint:

-Did you select all the my webMethods Server options during the install?
-The portal install, did it throw any errors during installation?

Hi Mark,

I selected all the components during installation… It did not throw any error during installation/configuration also.

One thing I would like to mention here is that I am using “MYWMUSER” as database login. :frowning:

I don’t think it has anything to do with the accessible links available on the page.


Hi Mark,

I tried uninstallation and then re-installation of Portal and My Webmethods server. But it is still giving the same problem.

Following is the summary of my configuration

After I clicked on “Start webMethods Portal Server” button, this time it said “System error 3 has occured”.

Any idea, why am i facing this kind of problem?

webMethods Portal (default) Configuration Summary

Portal default page URL:  [URL="http://PNE-144076:9000"]http://PNE-144076:9000[/URL]

Components to deploy

Portal Services
Directory Services
Portal Embedded Help
Portal Embedded Search
Spellcheck Service
Subscriptions and Notifications
Version Control
Web Services for Remote Portlets
Administration Components
Portal Analysis
Portal Configuration
Portal Content Management
Portal User Interface Management
Default Components
Community and Collaboration
Discussion Forums
Wiki Pages
Composite Forms
External Content Integration (webDAV, FTP)
Web Components
Page Authoring
Page UI Components
Property Editors
Search and Filter
Images Thumbnailer
User Interface
Default Portal Shells
Default Portal Skins
Portal Content
Default Content
Portal Development
Eclipse Plugin
Development and System Tools
Portal Statistics and Analysis
Composite Forms
JSR 168 Portlet Examples
Page UI Components
Portlet Controller
Property Editors
Search and Filter
Portlet Wiring Samples
Portal Event Collector
Chart portlet
Email Access
Web Components
Page UI Components
Security Components
Subscriptions and Notifications
Survey Component
Sample Shells and Skins
Velocity Template Engine
webMethods Dashboard Integration

Database (ORACLE)

Server Location:          PNE-144076:1521:FTWMDB
Main Tablespace:          PORTAL_DEFAULT
Indexes Tablespace:       PORTAL_DEFAULT_INDX
Portal Username:          PORTAL_DEFAULT

Webserver (internal)

HTTP listener:            PNE-144076:9000

Portal Server

AJP13 listener:           PNE-144076:0
HTTP listener:            PNE-144076:9000
HTTPS listener:           PNE-144076:0
Registry listener:        PNE-144076:1097
Log level:                INFO

I’m not sure what’s going wrong for you. The my webMethods Server piece launches the Portal installation at the end of the normal install. After the Portal install completes, you should be able to login as Administrator and see the configuration tabs for hooking it up to the IS server. Nothing additional is really needed for that to show up.

Can you provide the list of components you checked during install?


During My webmethods installation i checked

  1. My webMethods server 6.5.1
  2. My webMethods User Interfaces
  3. Portal 6.5.1

I think this is all required for My webmethods to run.
Additionally I selected Administrator 6.5 and Monitor 6.5 during second run of installation when first attempt failed.

Appreciate your help.

Remove all of your previous installation including the database schemas, run install again. This select my webMethods Server 6.5.1, my webMethods User Interfaces, Monitor 6.5.1 and whatever else you want for the IS server, broker, tn etc Do not select Portal.

The portal that runs for the my webMethods Server is not the full blown Portal product which is what I believe you are installing. Trying running through the install without it. I believe that will work.

Then in this case, will it provide me Portal Server Configurator where I configure the database and all?

It sure will. The last part of the installation will launch the Portal configuration installation that is specific to the my webMethods Server product.

Thanks mark,
I uninstalled everything and cleaned up the environment. :mad:

And re-installed it again.
It surely gave portal configuration installation screen. On the screen now I could see only 4 tabs

  1. Server Instance: here i selected “default”
  2. General: here i selected oracle. (now oracle tab has come up)
  3. Oracle: here i mentioned oracle server: pne-144076 port 1521
    database user name mywebmuser password: mywebmuser
    oracle instance name FTWMDB
    Admin/name password SYSTEM/manager
    tablespace name: MYWEBMUSER_SPACE

It created new user and schema without any problem.
on the last tab
4. Portal: I specified jetty HTTP listener port: pne-147093: 8088
RMI port pne-147093: 1029

Log level INFO
and then clicked on initialize portal server… it did not show any errors and said server initialized successfully.

now I click on start webmethods portal server, it says
“server started successfully, do you want to open default page” if i click on yes after long time (e.g. 7-10 minutes) it says operation timed out, most likely configuration is not correct. :confused:

If I see the log in D:\webMethods65\Portal\server\default\logs folder
there is system.err and system.out log files
which says:

No registered exception delegate
—> Nested exception
[POP.001.0002] A “” occurred with the Message “HJN-PNE200069: HJN-PNE200069”.

Here i have never specified HJN-PNE200069 during my configuration…
Why this problem is coming up.

Installation looks pretty straight forward! but it is not working for me for some reason.:rolleyes:

Is the portal server running when you try and access it? Remember you can’t use localhost with the portal server, it has to be a real hostname.

Does this mean you need to have WmMonitor installed in order to manage/view Service usage in Manager Console? I am attempting to get the additional metrics specified in the Manager Programmer’s Guide for the services added to our monitoring. I am having a difficult time of it.


We had this problem and solution was to set Jetty HTTP listener host to (in Portal Server Configurator). Now Portal accepts connections from all interfaces and works fine.

Yes. WmMonitor should be on (check if packages\WmMonitor\config\monitor.cnf is properly configured). Also configure WmComauth by accessing its home page (give there correct credentials for Portal host)


Can you please explain in a bit detail how to configure the WmComauth and how to access its home page.
Thanks in advance.