Getting an error "Analytic Engine Error. com.webmethods.caf.wsserver.auth.saml.SAMLBindException:"

Hello All,

My webmethods version is 9.7 and I am trying to configure O4I. I am getting below error when trying to discover/add assets.

Analytic Engine Error. com.webmethods.caf.wsserver.auth.saml.SAMLBindException: SAML bind exception: SAMLSOAPBinding.send() caught an I/O exception (wrapped: Unexpected end of file from server)

I have MWS, AE and InfraDC running on same box and appears to be running ok.

Also when I check server status from System Settings i see red dot i.e. server unavailable error next to AE. But my AE is running on same box and also I can see green circle when I check AE in System Information under Administration->System Wide → Environments in MWS. Also my environment is configured fine and deployed as well.

Please let me know any ideas or help.

Thanks in Advance


please provide some screenshots from your configuration.

Were the components stopped and restarted after deployment of the environment?

Is the WmOptimize package in IS configured properly?

Are there any Fixes appplied to your environment?


Thanks for quick reply. I am afraid I can’t provide screenshots here as it might be a security breach. Anyway yes, I have restarted all the components, It started throwing error after I did some more configuration and restart. I don’t have WmOptimize package in any IS. I have only MWS, Optimize and InfraDC, with these I am trying to discover other brokers in my environment. Thanks.


Analytic Engine has two ports, one for configuration/administrations and one for operating.

Have you tried the other port, when checking for status under My webMethods → System Settings → Servers?
The Port specified here should be the same port which is visible when checking the Status under System Wide → System Information.

What is the status of your AE in System Wide → System Information?

I just checked my 9.5 Environment and I can only see green check marks but no green circles.

If you are curious about security breaches when providing screen shots you can mask the address parts in them.

Are there any further informations regarding the error message in MWS full.log and/or AE logs?

Can you check if the configuration files are intact?
Might be that some of them got corrupted when updating the configuration.


Hi Holger,


This is error is coming out of wrong port type mentioned for MWS in Administration > System-Wide > Environments > Define Environments > Edit Environment > Map Endpoints > Under tab called INCOMING CONNECTIONS for MWS.

Over the time we have changed MWS port from http to https but that is not reflected in above settings. Once I restarted AE, IDC and MWS I was getting the errors I mentioned in original post. Now the error gone.

Looking at part of the error “SAMLBindException” it is always something to do with MWS, which is a pointer in debugging.

Thanks for help.