xdav:metadata does not delete after webdav disabling

When disabling WebDav for a collection the xdav:metadata stays in Tamino database. I’ve got the feeling that this results in being able to enable WebDav for that collection.
Any idea how to remove the xdav:metadata item?


if you want to “disable” a webdav collection (say maycoll), just undefine the schema “mycoll” in xdav:metadata.


Hi Martin,

Thanks for your answer. I tried to undefine the schema from x-plorer but I get the message that it is in use by ‘another user’. I even tried to stop the webdav-service but still get the same message, any other ideas?


Hi Bart,

mostly this message appears, if you jave already opened the xml instance view. You may want to try to start a complete new X-Plorer, open the schema tree and undefine immediately. If this would not be successfull , please try the Interactive Interface.

best regards