Collection is currently used by another user."

A Tamino user has “upgraded” a Tamino DB by using the Set Version function from 2.3 to 3.1. There is a collection (schema) in the DB which is still on TSD level 2. When he tries to delete this collection, he always receives the message “Collection is currently used by another user.” which is not true. Even after restarting the DB or even restarting Tamino, the message remains. Does anybody have an explanation for this behaviour or seen this before?

I got that problem as well and I also posted the problem to this forum. By some reason not all database transaction will be relased by some tools. I did not found out which tool caused the problem, but I did the following:

1. close all applications, including Schema Editor and X-Plorer
2. shutdown the database instance and restart it.

Then I was able to undefine a schema.

Hope it works also at your customer, ren