Failed when loading 100MB XML data to Tamino!

Dear All,
Although I tried to load 100MB of XML data to Tamino both through Interactive Interface and through Mass Loader Facility, I got the following error message:
INOXRE8806:Collection is currently used by another user.
How can I solve this problem?
Is there any other way to achive this task?
(I tried Java Loader as well, but no success!)
Thanks for your help!


I think this message comes about when a collection has been locked. The only case I know of when this may occur, is when the mass-loader is used. If this is true and the mass-loader is inactive (for whatever reason) you can cancel the load with _admin=CancelMassLoad(“collection/doctype”).

If this is not the case then I am unsure what is causing the error. Maybe restart the db and see if this cures the problem.