Error "Mass unload aborted" while unloading data

I have a schema in which there are about 70.000 documents.
I am trying to unload this data as an xml with this command line prompt :

inoxmld.exe Function=Unload Database=Capa Collection=Ortopedi/Hasta Output=unloadit.xml log=unloadlog.xml

It starts unloading the data but stops at a point (each time after different number of documents)

It stops after giving this error :
ino:messagelineMass unload aborted - HTTP status: 400</ino:messageline>

The log file in the attachment.
I would be glad if someone can help me.
unloadlog.xml (6.15 KB)

The response has already been given in the Forum
You have to change you maximum transaction duration to a higher limit.

That’s funny we were having exactly the same problem at the same time

J-F Declercq
Software AG Belgium

I don’t believe that setting the transaction timeout will help. It’s already set to high value internally. Probably you better set “XML maximum query duration” to a higher value (e.g. 3600).
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