Undefining Schema

When I try to undefine a schema the Schema Editor always complains that another process is using the collection. Even when I made sure that all processes have been stopped.
It’s also not possible when I restart the Schema Editor. The only thing which helps is to shutdown the database instance and restart it.
Does Tamino or the tools respectively not releasing the processes properly?

Thanks for help, rene

How do you stop the processes that are connected to the database? What this problem sounds like is that you have clients that have connected to the database (with _connect=) and have used the collection which you wish to undefine. If the processes are stopped without the _disconnect= being issued, Tamino will still think they are connected. The only thing that will disconnect them is timeout processing. The timeouts can be adjusted dynamically through the Tamino Manager - see “non activity timeout”.

Hello Stuart,

Thanks for the hint. I reduced to timeout to 300 seconds. I was using just the schema editor, the interactive tool and the X-Plorer. I assumed with closing the tools the sessions would be closed automatically. Maybe the interactive tool is causing the problem.
anyway, thanks again.
regards, rene