Tamino Tools Locking

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if I am the only one to have so many problems with tamino tools when it comes to locking of documents, or if others have the same problem and if they have found some solutions.

Often, when I develop, I will have X-Plorer, X-Query and Schema Editor open all at once. Say that X-plorer is connected, and I run a query in X-Query editor. If I then go to the schema editor and want to undefine the schema that the result of X-Query is based on, sometimes it will tell me I cannot undefine because of the docs being locked, other times (too often) the schema editor will just stop responding, and I have to kill it.

Sometimes I will even have to stop the DB and restart it in order to unlock documents, undefine the schema and be able to continue working.

What I cannot understand, is that a product of such a scale as Tamino can have tools that are persistenly slow (no matter what memory settings I do), and have these insane locking issues. Why not just do away with the locking? Or, at least, give it as an option! I mean this is crazy! I understand they probably do it for concurency puposes, but there are way more elegant solutions then this.

How do you guys deal with these locking issues without loosing your nerves?


Peter Endisch

I’m a Zen Garden Maintenance Engineer