Impossible to stop database

Hello everyone,

I am having trouble to stop the database when:

1) One of the Tamino tools left a lock on at least 1 document i nthe DB

2) One of the Tamino tools stopped responding, I had to consequently kill it.

I cannot comprehend why the locks prevent a database shutdown. I have to wait there for quite a longtime when the locks expire.

There must be a better way!

Thank you

Peter Endisch

I’m a Zen Garden Maintenance Engineer

hi nikdo,

if you do a ‘regular’ database shutdown, the server will wait for all pending transactions to be completed. this is a fairly reasonable and nice thing for the server to do.
if you have sessions that for some reason or another are left dangling in the server, this will consequently delay the shutdown of the server. the amount of time is, however, configurable. this is the ‘Maximum Transaction Duration’, which you can set in the System Managemen Hub → → Properties → Server.
If you are alone on the machine or feel that the server needs to go down NOW, you can, instead of the ‘Normal Shutdown’, try the ‘Shutdown with rollback of all open user transactions’. This will still keep your database in a 100% consistent state. the only thing that will happen is that users that are currently executing database operations will not be able to commit them, all activities that they started will be rolled back.
if you are saying that you are the only developer on the server and you just happened to loose a transaction handle, this may very well be the way to go.

hope this helps,

andreas f.


did you stop with the option “rollback user transactions”. And did
the shutdown hang even with this option?