Tamino keeps mysteriously shutting down

Is there a way to track when the Tamino DB shuts down? I tried looking in the job section of the Management Hub and it conveniently displays when the DB has started, but not when it was shut down.

For some strange reason the DB keeps shutting down after a few days, anyone else have a similar problem? What can I set up on the server to alert me when this happens?


The Tamino Manager does not say anything if the database crashes unexpectantly, and this is what is seemingly happening. If you are running Windows NT you could enable Dr Watson as this may trap the problem but this is not always so. If you are running UNIX then you can write a simple shell script to monitor the inosrv process.

In any event if the database crashes the database log will/should reveal the problem. The file is called AAxinosrv.txt and existing in the db subdirectory of your Tamino installation. Replace AAx with appropiate prefix (e.g. AAB for the 1st db created, AAC for the 2nd db created etc). Please copy this file somewhere else before restarting the db otherwise it will be overwritten and the evidence lost. What should be written out are two memory dumps: one with a prefix Tamino.qq* and the other with a prefix of SAGSMP*. I would recommend that you contact your local Software AG support and they will probably ask for these files for analysis.

In addition to what Stuart has written: check the Job log for a job called “Database Session …” In this job log you might find additional information about the shutdown of a database. This is the job log that reflects a database session, from completed startup to the end, i.e. shutdown of a database. There is an indication for an irregular shutdown of a database: if the next startup reports “Starting autorepair”, the database had not been shutdown properly before. If you do not see such a message on database startup, yopu can conclude that there was a controlled shutdown. You can check for such a message by looking at the Job called “Starting database” in the job log