Tamino manager thinks DB is active while it's not

We had created 7 dbs for testing purposes and each one has several documents and schemas loaded. They were working quite well until for some reason that I haven’t identified yet, the Tamino admin manager was not reachable any longer.

Hoping to clear up the problem, I have stopped completely Tamino, (argsrv, argevsrv, argmlsrv, xtsdsdmn) and restarted it following the order of execution that the docs recomand.

That cleared the problem with the Tamino manager access which I can now easily reach, however another problem appeared: the Tamino manager lists the 7 db as active while there are not and in fact there are no processes running for them nor are they reachable. Unfortunately stopping the db is also not possible and fails, on the other hand, if I try to restart the db, I get the message that the db is already active.

I imagine that there is some pid file somewhere which was not removed so that the manager still thinks there is a process while there is none, but that when it tries to kill it, of course fails because that process doesn’t exist any longer.

How do I resolve of this situation?

I have looked in the directory hoping to find such a file with little result. I have found in the ino/db directory several related files, however none seemed immediately relevant to the problem.

Suggestions and insights are highly appreciated.


What about the databaseprocesses themselves; the “inosrv”'s ? Are they still running ?

I know this sound a bit too Microsoft’ish but have you tried rebooting ?

If this doesn’t do the trick:
If this is version 3.1.1 Tamino might have left some references for the running db’s in the xtsurl.cfg.
But my experience tamino handles this itself.


The only time I have seen something like this, it has been cleared by stopping and restarting the various daemons (particularly evt and arg).

As for entries in the xtsurl.cfg file; I was not under the impression that these are modified in any way according to whether a Tamino db is started or stopped. This file was (so I thought) only amended upon creation/deletion of a db.

Thanks for your suggestions. I tried to just stop and restart the deamons but I ran again into the same situation, however, a reboot of the solaris machine did clear up everything beautifully.