List databases is empty

Hello to everyone who reads,
I manage an old licensed Tamino Server 4.4.1 owned by italian P.A.
For years nothing happened, everything went all right.
Today we have a great problem in prodution nobody can connect to any databases:
error is: "Tamino database unknown "
Tamino starts all databases (38) and no errors are fired or catched.
The database exists and is active, but list=databases is empty
All databases are local on the same machine.
All parameters have default value:

  • comunication methods=XTS and TCP/IP
    xtsurl.cfg is full of all active databases
    In system Management Hub all database are correctly online.
    Somebody could help us?

Thanks in advance

Which webserver is used (Apache)?
Webserver has to be configured correctly and must be running.

Many Thanx for reply!!
Yes, I use apache web server, and configuration never changed…It is correct…At the moment databases can be accessed correctly…
Can be some wrong network configuration, like hostname or firewall?
I supposed that because without changing configuration files, only start and stop over and over, now it works!
Now my boss would like to know why it happened…
Have you an idea?
Tamino runs on AIX partition.
Need some more specific information?
The last thing I have done: start one database with ‘override XTS registration’ although it has never raise errors.
I hope in tomorow.
Thanx again

Today the same problem: http://…/tamino//list=database is empty and in System Management Hub all databases are online
Don’t know what happens…

Tamino communication via XTS can be done using a directory server (ADI) or using a flat file implementation.
In both cases a Tamino database server registers itself during startup and deregisters during shutdown.
If a server process was killed or aborted for any reason, deregister is not done, in this case ‘override XTS registration’ helps to start the server again. If the flat file implementation is used, a sandbox file which does not contain proper registration entries (for example due to a file system restore) can cause this kind of trouble.

Newer versions of Tamino also allow to use native HTTP as communication method, in this case no webserver is needed at all.
Anyway, in such a situation more detailed information is required to know what is going on, you should contact support.