Db suddenly stoped

Weird problem suddenly occurred to my tamino 4.4.1: database has somehow stopped without any reason and if i try to restart it via System Management Hub i get the following error:
ARGEVE0803 Could not connect to System Management Hub Events Layer Service, service not running

Don’t know what to do. If i install tamino on another computer, is there any chance to just copy database files to new tamino installation and it would work? :?:
Thanks in advance!

The System Management Hub has three services that must be running for Tamino to work. This message means that the Events Layer one (at least) is not running, so you need to start it. You don

Tamino is installed on rhel4. In process table i have all three processes running: argevsrv, argsrv and argmlsrv. If i stop service and then start it everything looks ok, no error or anything but i still cannot start db (ARGEVE0803).

Problem solved! Somehow my /etc/hosts has changed. I don’t know how or why. After restore from backup file everything works normal again.