Tamino indicates wrong databasestatus

Hi all,

I can’t understand the following situation I got as a result of a server machine stop. After starting the server again Tamino started up correctly but only 5 of 8 databases were comming up. The other 3 are not having any inosrv - process but are shown with a green traffic light in the Management Hub Interface. The argbatch command line interface gives the follwing response for each of the three databases:

$ argbatch show databasestatus database=mydb

Command started at: 2002-05-27 16:34:20
Running for product Tamino on target node myhost.

| Database| State |
| mydb | stopping |

Command ended at: 2002-05-27 16:34:22

How can I start again the databases, when Tamino thinks they are allready up?
Or is it possible to force Tamino to recreate his information about the databasestatus?

Has anyone an idea?

OS: Solaris 7
Tamino: version

Thanks in advance


Good day, Christian,
If you are a Software AG customer or partner, (and I assume you are!) you should contact Software AG support immediately concerning this problem.