Problem running databases


I’m working with Tamino XML Server

I don’t know what really appening but i have the following problem :

I can’t access collections in databases.

In the Tamino Manager :
Databases seems to be runing (green), i can access to all features in Databases except collections (Error MessageBox :“Error - Unknow session or session timeout”, with only a OK button)

The error in the Tamino Manager : (I) Error Session.

This is for all my databases.

I’ve check the “Job Monitor” and there is nothing running or writting (Pending alerts, Running jobs, etc) in all subdirectories.

:confused:On System Management Hub (Events and Job monitor), all databases have successfuly start and seems to be runing.

I’ve try to uninstall Tamino but :
I can’t unistall Tamino, because of a “Invalid password username”, i’ve check the registry and i’m using the good user’s password, it’s the same log as in the Manager.

I’m running Windows Advanced Server 2000 SP3 with IIS.



All works fine.

I’ve finally found the problem, it was in a previous topic, the dll in ISAPI Filters from IIS was missing. I don’t know why it has been removed, but now all works.