connection problem.

Hi guys, I need your help. I just re-installed tamino onto windows 2000 pro with apache 1.3.3. Now I am having problem connect to my database. I installed apache before tamino so it’s automatically configured by tamino. I check its configuration, its exactly the same as stated in documenation. I tested tamino with following URL address: http://localhost/tamino/cais?_diagnose=ping, I get following: <ino:messageline ino:subject=“Server”>is alive</ino:messageline> which means my database is running. but when I try “http://localhost/tamino/cais”, I get “404 not found” error. can anyone help me to figure out why? thanks in advance, James

Have you look in the Apache web server’s log to see if there’re may be error messages that could be significant ?

I think this is normal for Tamino Version 3. You have not made any request to the Tamino database. In Tamino Version 4 this type of call gets a response INOXME8554 - “No message received”. You need to set a Collection name in the URL and then make a request like this: http://localhost/tamino/cais/mycollection?_XQL=mydoctype