WinXP + Apache + Tamino

WinXP Pro + Apache v2.0.36 + Tamino v3.1.1.4

I have configured Tamino and it works, but something is strange:

* http://localhost/tamino =>

<ino:message ino:returnvalue=“8202”>
<ino:messagetext ino:code=“INOXHE8202”>Tamino database unknown:</ino:messagetext>

(Hmm, this means tamino is configured with my web server, isnt it?)

* http://localhost/tamino/welcome3_1_1_4?_diagnose=ping =>

<ino:messageline ino:subject=“Server”>is alive</ino:messageline>

(The database is opening! I can also connect it via Schemea Editor)

* http://localhost/tamino/welcome3_1_1_4 got:

HTTP 404 error

(Why could this happend? I guess that it might be my web server’s problem…?)
The following is a piece of my httpd.conf

# Software AG # Start # System Management Hub #
# - 2002-03-01-19.17.10
ScriptAliasMatch ^/smh/help/(.*) "C:/Program Files/System Management Hub/bin/argmlcgi.exe/$1"
ScriptAlias /smh/cgi/ "C:/Program Files/System Management Hub/bin/"
Alias /smh/ "C:/Program Files/System Management Hub/htmllayer/"

LoadModule ino_module modules/Apache2ModuleIno.dll
<Location /tamino>
SetHandler ino

# Software AG # End # System Management Hub #

Anyone knows why this happends?

Hi there.

Is it possible to query the database, and work with the normal command verbs?

What is it that you would like to do with this statement:
  * http://localhost/tamino/welcome3_1_1_4 ?

There are two slighty questionable things about this URL: it doesn’t include a collection and it doesn’t have a command verb.

If it is possible to do everything else, I would say “don’t worry that this URL doesn’t work”.