Cannot remove database


I installed Tamino on Suse 7.3.
Installation went fine.
However creating a database ran forever. I assumed it failed for some reason. So I stopped the server and had to kill some remaining ino… processes.
After restarting the server the database is there but unusable so I tried to delete it, without success. Trying to delete gives me a INOAAE0475, Explanation: Errors occured while stopping the specified database.
Emergency shutdown again runs forever (without actually deleting anything). Is there anything I can do (any logs or something) to diagnose what the problem is.
This is completely reproduceable. I already reinstalled 2 times. Again: how can I diagnose the root cause. Are there any logs??

TIA Guido

Hi Guido,

first of all: Tamino was not released on Suse 7.3.
Anyway you can find logs in $SAG/ino/db and the Job-Monitor of System-Management-Hub.

Are you using a firewall on your Suse 7.3-machine?


The Job monitor doesn’t tell me more than explained above.

The log in $SAG/ino/db just says:
Delete index space
Deleting index space 1 of 1

then it’s stuck.

There is no firewall on that machine.

Could any misconfiguration in /etc/hosts the reason?
I have the exact same installation on a Suse 8 without any problems.
Still wondering if there is an error log with more information.

Thanks for taking care, Laurence.


Could any misconfiguration in /etc/hosts the reason?

Sure. Tamino communicates over the network-devices.
And please check if your argsrv, argevsrv and argmlsrv are running properly. Maybe they need to be restarted.

> Still wondering if there is an error log with more information.

No, there isn’t.


If the System.Management-Hub doesn’t let me delete a database, is there any way to delete the database “manually”? I don’t want to reinstall Tamino each time that happens.