Zombie databases


I tried to move a database from one Tamino server to another by performing a backup on the source system and then “create database from backup” on the target system. Both systems run Tamino

The creation process failed with “INODSE1118: internal configuration error” after the successfull creation of database space. I ended up with two inaktive additional databases: initDB and TASX (which is the database from
the backup). These two databases are complete zombies!
The following actions give errors:

start database (INOAAE0226:Database TASX is already active)
stop database (INOAAE0095:The command requested is not allowed in the current database state)
delete database (INOAAE0226:Database status request on event demon failed)
check and repair (INOAAE0226:Database status request on event demon failed)

I have restarted the machine on which the tamino server is running and
repeated the commands above but they return the same errors.

The first and most important question is: How can I get rid of these zombie databases?
Second: Why did the creation from backup may have failed?

Any ideas will be much appreciated! Thanks a lot,