Tamino tools painfuly slow

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone else here experiences the same problems with Tamino tools as me.

Be it Schema editor or X-Plorer or X-Query editor, they all are PAINFULLY slow, and sluggish.

I am not joking when i say that very often, in schema editor, i click on a node and then have to wait for a good minute for the editor to “unfreeze” and allow me to proceed. This happens on a regular basis, and have been happening for past year.

I have the latest version of schema editor. Also, the same behaviour happened on many machines, and even my brand new installed P4 with 512MB ram and 2 GHz CPU.

The application also leaks memory and consumes enourmous amount of ram (almost 100MB per instance of schema editor!)

I am running the JRE version 1.3.1_08. I know there are more recent versions, but in the past, when I installed a newer version of Java, tamino tools wouldn’t run. So I stuck to this version.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance

Peter Endisch

I’m a Zen Garden Maintenance Engineer

I’m running pre-release versions of Tamino 4.2 on average/below average boxes. These use JRE 1.4.2. The tools seem reasonably responsive to me.

Hello Peter,
To run schema editor faster you can increase your Java heap size, please follow these steps to do the same?

Step 1: Find ?TAMINO_INSTALLATION\X_Tools\Tamino_Schema_Editor\inoschema.cmd?

Step 2: Open ?inoschema.cmd? with notepad

Step 3: Locate ?set JAVAPARAMS=%LOGGING% %ENDORSED% -Xms16m ?Xmx128m?

Step 4: Change ??Xmx128m? to ??Xmx256m?

Step 5: Save the file and run schema editor

Please note that this is a work around and even though we increase the heap size your memory consumption should not increase much, your schema editor will run faster after doing these changes. Further more I assume you are using Tamino 4.2 if not this should still work with slight deviation in step 3 if you are using Tamino 4.1.