X-Plorer does not start after instaling Tamino SP-8

Hi all, I’ve installed Tamino SP-8 in my machine and the X-Plorer has problem when it is loaded. Problem: - Windows 2000 does not load X-Plorer after installing Tamino SP-8. Description: The problem arises after installing SP-8, when click on X-Plorer MS-Windows direct access the application is not loaded (no error message is displayed) and running the script inoxplorer.cmd, using the command line, the script crashes and Windows displays the following message: "La l

Hello Claudio, You have to edit the files “inoxplorer.cmd” and “inoxquery.cmd”, located in the folder “<Tamini_Install_Dir>\X_Tools\X_Plorer” and replace the line for %%i in (“%XQ_HOME%\lib*.jar”) do call “%XQ_HOME%\lcp.bat” “%%i” by cd /d “%XQ_HOME%” for %%i in (“.\lib*.jar”) do call “lcp.bat” “%%i” Hope this help. Regards, Ludovic

Thanks, I tried a similar solution: The variable XQ_HOME was set as =“.” ant it works