X-Plorer on Tamino 4.2.1 doesn't start up

X-Plorer on windows2K with Tamino 4.2.1 doesn’t come up. When tried executing the inoxplorer.cmd from the cmd shell got the error message: The input line is too long. any help will be highly appreciated. TIA Rahul

In essence this is not a Tamino problem but a limitation of MS Windows. The command line input length of “cmd.exe” is 2047 on Windows 2000 or NT, and 8191 on Win-XP. So it only seems to be a problem with Windows 2000 when the Tamino installation path is large enough to break the limit. The following change will shorten the path: 1. Replace in file INOXPLORER.CMD for %%i in ("%XPL_HOME%\lib*.jar") do call “%XPL_HOME%\lcp.bat” “%%i” WITH cd /d “%XPL_HOME%” for %%i in (".\lib*.jar") do call “lcp.bat” “%%i” 2. Replace in file INOXQUERY.CMD for %%i in ("%XQ_HOME%\lib*.jar") do call “%XQ_HOME%\lcp.bat” “%%i” WITH cd /d “%XQ_HOME%” for %%i in (".\lib*.jar") do call “lcp.bat” “%%i” You get the idea…

Your solution works… Thanks Rahul