I could not start X-Plorer

I’m a student from Switzerland. We’re working for a Project at Tamino Server.
Our problem is, that we don’t know, how we start the X-Plorer. We’re working on a Linux 8.1 system!
In the Documentation we saw, that we have to start X-Plorer by a command. Does we have to write this command in the Linux shell? We allready have done it. There was a message “Software AG environment not defined.” wich we didn’t understand! How can I start X-Plorer? :confused:

thanks for help


On a Windows system the directoires under the Tamino installation are: TaminoXXXX\X_Tools\X_Plorer for Tamino 4. In this directory there is a command inoxplorer.cmd. I would expect there to be something similar for Linux.

Yes I know. In Linux der is a command ./inoxplorer.sh to start the X-Plorer, but after that command the failur message is following! Is there an other way to start these Tools?

I’m sorry about this - I’m not familiar with the Unix usage.

You need to run a script to set the environment for the other scripts. I believe it has “sagenv” in the name. Hopefully the docs should tell you.

hello andr


Thank you for help. I’m going to try it!!!
If there are more problemes i’ll write it here!!


There are more problems!!

I installed Tamino Server as root, but I already created a User “sag”.
Now im logged in as User “sag” and I executed the file sagenv.new!

It was all running!! → Done

After that, I changed in the directory where all these ino-Files are.
And so I wrote in the Shell → ./inoxplorer.sh

But there is the following message: Sofware AG environment not defined.

What can I do? Is there a fault in the Installation-Procedure??

Thanks for help!!!