X-Plorer will not install, uninstall, or work!


I’m having a big set-back with X-Plorer.

I have XML_StartKit installed, and I updated the Schema Editor with no problems, it runs as it should.

X-Plorer however, exists in a folder under X_tools, yet it will not run.

I downloaded the newer version, but it will not let me install it since it says ‘Its already installed’.

I ran the main setup via Control panel, selected ‘Modify’ and un-ticked X-Plorer. The setup ran, but had no effect, still could not install X-plorer.

Please help, I can’t test the DB effectively without this app!

Java 1.4.2 on Win XP Pro.

is the content of the X-Plorer package under the X_Tools directory complete? What happens, if you double-click on the inoxplorer.cmd file?

Gerald Ristow
Tamino R&D