Cannot start X-Plorer after installing XML-Starter Kit

I have installed the XML Starter Kit (full installation).

I can see the files for X-Plorer in my installation directory, but the attempt to start this tool gives me the message that it is not installed.

I have also tried to download X-Plorer seperately, but I could not install it. Now I have received the message, that a different version of X-Plorer is aleady installed and I should first deinstall it via “Add/Remove Programs”. However, in “Add/Remove Programs” X-Plorer is not listet.

Can anybody help me?

You can use the following methods:

1. Run the setup.exe from your installation source
2. Choose “Remove” or "Repair"
3. Uncheck "x-plorer"
4. See whether it can remove X-Plorer.