Writing pdf file

Hi All,

i need to convert ISDOC in to PDF FILE… as like ISDOC in to STRING…

ISDOC in to PDF file…

i saw some post in wmusers and found a package PDFCreator.
i downloaded it… problem is i am not able to understand which service need to be used. can any one please give me steps need to be followed. else did we have any document to read…

please suggest me … Thanks in advance.:confused:

I believe there was a document posted in shareware that describes a bit more of how to use PDFCreator. Keep in mind that PDFCreator, while quite useful, is pretty low-level. You’ll need to do a fair amount of code, depending on what the PDF needs to look like, to create the PDF.

Thanks Rob,

but i didnt find any doc on this, can u pls provide any sample package if u have…it will really help me a lot. thanks

See this thread for a package patch to PDFCreator that provides samples.

Hi Kishore,
As reamon stated it is not a straight conversion tool like doc to XMLString. You need to have a base knowledge of how the resulting PDF layout should look like and based on that you can use the various fuctions to add various elements such as list, paragraph, table,. etc to the pdf document.

I had used this package just for POC to create a simple PDF doc with a table containing the list of projects deployed to production and their info. Just for a quick start pseudo:

  1. start with beginPDF
  2. addElements
  3. addElementstodocument
  4. endPDF
  5. convertToFile

This is just one way to do it I guess but it would help you to try different things and figure our further.

Hope this helps.



thread which u gave is very useful. it helps me a lot… thanks for u r support.


thanks for u r suggestion.

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