WmEdi and WmEdi Sample package

i am pretty new to webmethods,can some tell me where i can download the packages WmEdi and WmEdisample . i have seen in one thread that we can download in in the download section ,i have been there and it does not accept the advantage password,can some one tell me where i can find it
I am really desperate
Thank you

The download area is the only place to get it. Contact your account rep or the wM keymaster to get the right credentials.

Rob right now iam just having an evaluation version of Webmethods so no Account Rep or WM Keymaster,some one help me out
Thank you

For evals beyond the EWS free trial, you’ll need to get in touch with a wM person to make arrangements.

Ok Rob,
Can you please tellme atleast how do i convert a XML which is coming thru EDI into a flat file,like what will be services we will be calling?? Sorry for the trouble
Thank you

i am very desperate, can you please provide me with the zip file of the package,i will give you the ftp address of my system so that you can upload them , sorry for that but iam very desperate
thank you

Venkat, you really shouldn’t be asking that. Uploading webMethods code anywhere that isn’t authorized for it is illegal, not to mention immoral. If you’re truly desperate, you shouldn’t have any trouble contacting a webMethods sales representative and asking to get a trial version. I can tell you from experience that the webMethods salespeople are very responsive and will give you a fast turnaround time.

Yeah skip i understand that , i have contacted webmethods guys but of no use

Sorry but I can’t send you the package. It’s not mine to rightfully provide.

“…convert a XML which is coming thru EDI into a flat file”

I assume you mean you’re receiving an EDI-formatted string and want to convert that to some flat-file. No XML would be involved in this case.

The wM docs provide a good overview of the steps to perform. You can get this from the Advantage bookshelf–no need to get to the download site for that. Once you’ve had a chance to reveiw that material feel free to post any questions or ask for help if you’re stuck.

Thinking ahead: if you don’t have access to the Advantage bookshelf, we can’t provide those docs directly either. You really need to get with a wM person.

wM people participate regularly in these forums. Perhaps if you post your e-mail address here they could get in touch with you.