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Iam facing problem with the convertion of edi to xml.I read the pdfs for edi , but i didnt get any idea for converting edi to xml. so please anybody help me in doing that and if possible describe the steps for doing the conversion

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1. get flatfile data in the variable “edidata”
2. using convertToValues - convert the edi values to IS document
3. and convert document to XML using BIS…(docuentToXMLString)


Please do search in this forum i am sure there are lot of threads discussed on the EDI to XML translation/conversion flow steps

Anyways here is the procedure in short:

convertoValues (WmEDI service)–use this for EDI parsing
Perform your mapping —(EDIValues to XML ISdocument)
DocumentToXMLString–(converts yoru XML ISdocument to xmldata string)
Check in the Results/pipeline pane


Hi arulchristhuraj and rmg,

             Thanks for ur solution and i tried with ur solution and i got the expected output .

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This solution is provided in the wM EDI module documentation. I mention this so that you’ll be able to get answers to basic questions such as this more quickly in the future by reviewing the docs. I know you stated that you read the docs but I find it hard to understand how the incredibly brief instructions here were more informative/helpful than the documentation.

I believe people reads the documentation but sometimes they just look for straight away working solution and they look guidance for the right services (inputs/outputs) to use as the intention is to get work done…well it could be due to upcoming pressure/deadlines and/or other reasons…:wink: instead of reading whole docs top to bottom.That is why these brief instructions sometimes help and may not.but it has helped Sitaram…

I agree wholly with you Rob comments that reading/reference documentation is the first thing to do and then implement the flow/unit testing.


Yes they did. I never questioned that nor the value of your post. I was simply pointing out that the same answer could be obtained from the documentation–and using the documentation for basic questions such as this one will almost always be faster than making a post here and waiting hours or days for an answer.

Thanks Rob…