Create EDI XML

Hi WmUsers,

Is there a way to convert the complete EDI document including interchange and group headers to XML?
When EDITPA splitoption = ‘Transaction’ we will only have the transaction segment(ST) in the pipeline but not the interchange and group.

So if I have the steps in my flow


I get …

I am looking for something like below which has interchange and group segments



This is an off-beat approach but will work

Invoke envelopeProcess, to retrieve the ISA/GS document structure from the document
Then do your convertToValues using the EDIFFSchema, and since your schema contains only ST level, you will receive the data at ST level
Map the ISA/GS to a temporary document, and also map the ST level document
convert the temporary document to XML string

Regardless of the above thing, i still fail to understand the need for converting the entire structure to a XML. Is it something very specific?


Thanks Pradeep. I will try it out.
Yes, I agree with you but it is part of the requirement, not sure what they need it for.

Yes use the envelopeProcess service to grab/extract the ISA/GS information and your steps above convert to XML is intact:


Thanks RMG

your welcome