Converting EDI files to XML using JAVA

hi friends,

   I like to create a code generator in java which has to read EDI files and convert that to xml msgs.. I have predefined format for EDI and XML in Java classes..  Is there any in build support in Java for this.. How to Proceed for this..?

You can try with using documentToXMLString (map EDIValues o/p of converttovalues to document) it should work…

convertToValues(i/p-- edidata o/p --EDIValues)
documentToXMLString (i/p-document,docTypeName(optional) returns o/p–xmldata)


Thanks for spending ur time in replying me… But i like to know in detail about the following… I am having an EDI file… I know its structure(classes and attributes)… Now i have to place those values in java class or in a xml file(anyone will do)… can u explain that in detail