EDI To XML Conversion

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My task is to convert EDI to txml. So can u guys help me out how to do this. I seen some examples from wmedisamples, but i m unable to understand which r the correct examples i have to take to test practically. can anyone tell me what i have to use from wmedisamples to do a test. there r lot of folders in that package and which one i have to use. hope u all understood my problem.

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What does taking a test have to do with converting EDI docs to XML?

Hi mcarlson

Actually i want to know how the things work from edi to xml.
So if i know how to do from this packages, i can do real time project.

Thanks in advance.
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What webMethods products and adapters are you using? Have you read the User’s Guide for the adapters you are using?

We can’t teach you the basics of XML or EDI or Flow or the EDI adapter in a dicussion forum message.

Find the docs. Invest the time to study them, then please do post here for any specific questions that you might have at that time.



As always to get grip on new tech stuff like EDI standards,

Please go thru the webMethods EDIModuleCoreUserguide.pdf and understand the Core EDI package/services (WmEDI,WmEDIForTN),and finally you can practice with provided test flows in WmEDISamples package (folders- editoxml and xmltoedi) for PO(EDI 850) flows.

Also visit ediuniversity.com… it gives overview of basic EDI concepts and its world.



Actually this is my first project in Webmethods, new to this. Right now i m working but working on previous project modifications, Yet to start my new project, may be next week it will start, before starting the project i want to know the process how to do it,.

Actually my task is to convert EDI to XML and XML to EDI. We get EDI format and we have to convert that into XML format and later XML to EDI. After converting we have to send it to our client server.

Do i need to create EDI schema & XML schema, if yes how to create it, can we find any samples, if i get edi & xml documents then may be i can do it, but as a starter in EDI, i m unable to understand how to get EDI Document.

Thanks in advance.

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