EDI Help

Hi Guys,

Am new to EDI, trying to decode it but couldnt go any anywhere.

Do we know any website or any information you have which will help me to get to its bones?, like its structure, what does its fileds mean, which are significant, which arent.

Please help me out guys.

Our project concerns EDI to SAP Integration, need info about Idocs as well.

Thanks in Advance guys

Jafar Khan


For EDI basics…visit ediuniversity.com and also do a google search on EDI X12 transaction sets for more information/segment details.

If you installed webMethods EDI module on your IS…look in the WmEDISamples package/services for better start of EDI/XML mapping translation interfaces along with wMEDIUserguides documentation.It will help you in great extent.

SAP IDOC’s Schemas/doctypes etc…


http://www.stylusstudio.com/convert_edi_to_xml.html has some decent info. And once you get some of the basics understood, they are one of the few sources of reference material.