Need help asapmapping 850855 from Sap IDOC to EDI X124010

i am new to webmethods.i never worked on sap idocs.client does not have any mapping documents.and i don’t know any thing about IDOCS. and my assignment is i have to convert the 850 IDOC to EDI x12(4010) VERSION.we are using IS 4.6 , SAP adapter and EDI adapter.
So, can any body please share the knowledge.if anybody provide their sample package that would be really great.or atleast mapping document.

help needed asap.



You can get the idcos structure from the SAP engineers.
The EDI schema is downloadable from webmethods site. There are examples on the webmethods sample package too.
Anyways, dont worry. There are great people here in this group who can help you out!
Best of luck!

Thanks VR.
i have idoc strcture and edi record with me.
but still i don’t have any knowledge on idoc, if any one provided me their package for atleast 3 segments that would be great.


I think the IDOC structure can differ across companies. So the IDoc structure that I have might not be the same for yours. Since you have the IDoc structure why dont you convert that into a webMethods record structure and then try to map it to the EDI record structure.

You have to get the IDOC details first from the SAP guys.

That´s right, the documents are normally different from one company to another. So, the idea to get an example probably will not solve your problem.

But, depending on your SAP version, (4.0 and up, I guess) there is a transaction you can execute (transaction WE60) that extracts your IDOCS and save them in DTD file format.

After that, just import it using the Developer and have a good time mapping to/from your EDI.

Good luck

Dear Subba,

Before you can do the project you need additional information about the mapping. If I look at your question, I think you will send a purchase order out of the system.
In our project the first stage is always making a mapping document.

The SAP guys must customize the idoc mechanism and send a purchase to the idoc spool within SAP.
Now you can see the fields SAP sent by default in the idoc list (transaction WE02). The fields, which are filled in idoc, are SAP system dependent because of the customizing of the system.

The next phase will be analyzing the fields needed in the EDI x.12 850 (4010). Some fields and records will be mandatory by the specifications of the X.12 documentation.
Additional others will be needed by the receiving party for there process.

Now you can make a different in three kinds of mapping:

  • Defaults Fields are not in idoc and are fixed values in the X.12 document
  • 1-to-1 Fields in idoc can be mapped directly to fields in X.12 document
  • Conversion Fields in idoc need to be transferred using a translation table to fields in X.12 document

If there are fields needed with are dynamical and not provided in the idoc by default, you need additional development in the SAP environment.
After you have this mapping document, you can start developing the mapping within the IS developer.
For performance reasons we found out the best way to do this is using the java environment.

As already mentioned in other answers, you can find the record structure of the X.12 document within the EDI package and the IDOC structure within SAP or on the interface site of SAP .
Important to known is the version of the idoc. In most cases people will use idoc ORDERS02 but if the SAP system has is specific modules like IS-OIL or the needed additional field information there could also be used other idocs .

I hope this will help you a little bit,

With regards,

Robert Eijpe

Sr. SAP Integration Consultant
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Justa Korrection…


Cheers !

Mark IV

I have to do the reverse – take an x12 document (810) and map it to an SAP IDOC within WedMethods. I have the input file and what the output file should look like. All I need to know is how to get started. What should be the directory structure within the Developer for 6.0??? Does anyone know. I am very new to WebMethods. Can someone please just give me an example of a directory or folder structure to follow and I can customize. I have no training on webMethods but have been playing around with the Developer. We currently use Inovis TLE Software to translate our EDI data and are moving towards webMethods mapping.

Help! Please send any documentation – I have printed out all webMethods documentation and still can’t decipher where to start in the developer.

Thanks much.

Donna Eich
Black & Decker EDI Support


I am wondering if you have the EDI module and SAP adapter to assist you with the EDI data handing( generate FA’s etc) and communications with SAP. These adapters provide vital support code and samples that would allow you to better understand how WM handles EDI and connectivity with SAP. If you don’t, perhaps you should try to get them as they are needed to help you perform what you are trying to accomplish.

I would recommend you review the EDI and SAP sample code that comes with these modules/adapters. There is also documentation that discusses how WM handles EDI and how it conceptually maps the data to another structure. Wm has two EDI user guides, webMethods_EDI_Module_Users_Guide.pdf and webMethods_EDI_Module_Concepts_Guide_6.0.1.pdf which should help. These documents should be in the docs directory under the EDI/SAP package respectively. It is also available online at webMethods Advantage( site. Hopefully, you have access to this valuable WM resource, otherwise you should request WM for access.

As far as package and directory naming structure, check out the “Gear 6 Developers Handbook.pdf” under best practices(in the GEAR 6.0 zip package) section on the advantage website. There is even an implementation guide for EDI in the GEAR 6.0 download which you may find helpful.

Hope this helps,


Thank you so much, Ajandja! I will look into all of your suggestions.

I am having a problem saving the IDOC invoice to a DTD format so that I can import into Developer. I have it in HTML format now. How do I convert to DTD. There was no option in SAP to save in DTD format as mentioned above. Please help!


You should be able to do this from we60 in SAP.
see pg 8-13 of the sap adapters user guide.


Evaldo or anybody, help! I’m still having problems saving an IDOC in DTD format. I have it in HTML or unconverted or text format doing the we60 transaction suggested above.

I just need some example of flat file schemas for 810 and 850 not the EDI flat file schemas so I can play around with mapping in Developer. I have read all the documents and they are overwhelming me.

The samples provided are all XML and I need a sample 810 flat file and I will convert to an EDI X12 810. I need to demo to my boss! Help! I am working very hard to understanding the mapping in webMethods vs. our current mapping tool Inovis TLE workbench. I am learning but still not getting a clear example of IDOC to FLAT FILE (SCHEMA) to EDI FLAT FILE (SCHEMA) to X12 DOC and out the door. Is this correct. I’m confused on the non-edi flat file formats and need examples to practice.
Please help!


IF you followed the instructions for we60 you should now have an IDOC dtd.
Create a new doc type indicating that the source is a DTD, select your DTD for the IDOC at the point.
This will create a new document and a schema to go along with it.

You will now have a document that you can map to the EDI structure.


Thanks, Chris! I was doing a parser in SAP and downloaded from there in wrong format and just found in SAP where I can save DTD format! Always a learning experience!

Chris, do you need a dictionary with it like you do with the EDIFFschemas – it automatically creates a dictionary – is this necessary – just need some clarification.

For me it just created the doc type and the schema.
No dictionary.

Help! I am trying to get the unDefData into the flows I created so I can map it. What am I doing wrong. I have already done a GET FILE,
bytestoString,EnvelopeProcess,getEDIString,ConvertToValues. It all works and the results show the VALUES and within the VALUES is the unDefData. What should I be doing next? It shouldn’t be this hard. I just want to give a demo to my associates and the bottom line is I am trying to just map the BEG segment only. I have the BEG segment already configured in a another flow. Can anyone give me a clear example or explanation of what to do next? This is really frustrating me. I wish I had an example from the bottom up. We use X12 documents to IDOCs and not XML or flat files but it seems the documentation is geared towards XML to EDI or the other way. If I had a clear example, I could then work off of that for starters. Help please!


It’s always hard when you’re working on your own and you’re doing this for the first time. We’ve all been there!
After your convertToValues you should have an IDATA object call EDIValues. You typically do not get unDefData on inbound translations.
At that point you should be able to map which ever segment you want.

I’ve done quite a few of these now and I followed the X12ToValues example in the EDISamples package.



I am new to webmethods and got stuck up in mapping. I am trying to retreive the EDI 850 from TN and map it to EDI 855. I have used the following services to do that.

After using the above services i am having the EDIValues in a document at pipelineOut in “wm.b2b.edi.convertTOvalues” service.NOw if i want to retreive the values from the EDIValues and map it to EDI 855.

ANy answer could help me