Questions on recognizing EDI doc for inbound

Anybody out there have work with 2 to 3 partners sending inbound edi doc to trading network.

Currently, the edi doc is receive via wm.ediint.receive service and it got recognized as EDIINT message type and match to the document type EDIINT.Afterwhich it call the relevant services. How do I get the TN to recognize it as eg. X12 4010 850 document type instead of EDIINT becasue I have a few partners to configure.

i have installed the document type X12 4010 850 in the trading network etc… and how do i utilize them ?


Funny, you should ask. We are new at this too and had the same question yesterday. We found the answers in the webMethods EDI Module:Trading Networks COmponents User’s Guide, starting on page 20. If you haven’t already downloaded it, maybe it will help.

Hi Gary,

After you installed the document type into TN, they should appear on the document type list in TN.

When you creat a new processing rule, ensure that the document type is selected in the “criteria” tab. Then select the appropriate service to execute in the “Action” tab. Also ensure that the processing rule is enabled when it is saved.

When you invoke the “received” service in the Integrator/Developer you can use the service.


Hi Gary,
If you are using EDIINT mode then, do not try to replace the EDIINT doctype. It should be recognized the way it is. Then you goto the to the url http://server:port/WmEDIINT and click on Configuration and select submit payload to TN. This will through the EDI document onto your TN after EDIINT handshake is done. Make sure you have X12 4010 850 docType is installed on your TN. Also make sure when your partner sends you the EDI 850 data, they should use “application/edi-x12” as content type.
Hope this helps…

reading thru this thread, i need to ask a basic question…

if i install a docType in TN, then it will invoke listed service as mentioned in the thread… and that service shld be capable enuf to recognize which partner it is coming from to invoke customer specific conversions and processing… is this correct??

since the customer identifier is in the EDI header itself, shouldnt the TN docType handler be more specific to load/invoke different services based on docType and customer identifier of the incoming edi ?? i mean, invoke services based on docType and customerIdentifier.


Hi Saurabh,

You can specify, when creating a new processing rule, which services to be invoked based on a set of criteria including sender, receiver, docType, user status etc. So the answer is yes, TN can invoke services based on docType and customerIdentifier.

Yon can also configure TN to extract and recognise additional processing criteria.


You’re right about TN being able invoke different services based on doc type, sender, receiver and other criteria–but it is done in the processing rule configuration, not the doc type definition. The doc type identifies the type of document only and specifies how to extract the sender, receiver and other data. The processing rule determines what service to invoke based on that info.

“Yon can also configure TN to extract and recognise additional processing criteria.”

Not for EDI documents. That functionality is limited to XML docs.

If you are using the EDIINT module, then EDI documents should be able to be processed with TN.

Right. TN can definitely process EDI docs. I guess my comment wasn’t very clear.

TN can’t “extract and recognize additional processing criteria” (user-defined document attributes). The doc type for EDI docs cannot be edited with TN. For EDI docs, a processing rule can only use doc type, sender and receiver (and user status and recognition errors) as selection criteria. Content-based processing rules cannot be created in TN for EDI docs–the Extended Criteria tab of the rule is “unavailable”. The invoked service will need to implement that functionality if needed.

Does anyone know the relationship between EDITPA and the setup you do when defining the Interchange envelope inbound and outbound information? I created an Interchange envelope with my enterprise id and a partners id. Now in creating the EDITP, how do I associate the envelop setup with the EDITPA? Or do I not worry about that. Do I need to create a partner specific EDITPA?
Any help will be greatly appreciated. By the way this is webMethods 6.0


view this link

You are essentially defining your ISA and GS envelopes in the TPA. It’s tied to your profile when you select the sender/receiver. It’s only required for outbound EDI. I don’t see the need for it on inbound EDI.


What is the actual concept of new defined EDI TPA(TN) in 6.01?can anybody share with this…

Appreciate your help…

I am going through the pdf documentation and it is getting a little hairy, especially since I have not implemented any EDI functionality on 4.6 This is my first attempt to work with this standard. The questions I have and I hope you do not mind answering are:

  1. Is the setup of the Interchange-Level information a per TP setup?
  2. I know WM document recommend the Interchange level over the Group level. With your experience do you believe this to be true.
  3. I have created my document types for the 850,997 and 810 (x12 4010). When I try to define the IS document type when setting up the TPA I am unable to find them. What am I missing?
  4. After I have defined my TPA I will need to support large document handling. Is this correct?
  5. Have you worked with outbound edi docs? If so, how are they different from handling inbound docs.
  6. Control numbers. Do you recommend letting TN generate them?


I am having difficulty getting TN 6.0 to recognize my edi flat file. I have created the doc types within Adminstrator (x124010 850). I defined my EDITPA. I defined my Interchange rules in Administrator. When I post to TN I set the content-type =“application/X12”
The document comes in, but the doc type is unknown as well as the sender and receiver. Whe I view the content from the transaction analysis in TN, it reads as follows:
content-type = EDI data
content-typeList = EDI data
$contentType = application/x-www-form-urlencoded
$contentEncoding = null

Any help will be appreciated.


What do you mean by Administrator? Rules and Doc types are defined in TN console.
Try setting content-type =“applicaton/EDIStream” although X12 should work. I suspect your problem has to do with your setup and not your content type. How are you getting the files into TN?

pls do also try with content-type=“application/edi-x12”

although it may not be the issue with content type as described…


I am using a https post. I tried using the application/EDIStream and the results are still the same. Nothing is identified. As far as the Administrator stuff, IS Administrator allows under package management for WMEDIforTN, the specification of interchange info. The setup of the values appears to be similiar to what is done in TN. You may be correct, it may have to do with the way I have my pieces setup.
–I defined my doc types and they appear in TN (x124010 850, 997 and 810)
–I have setup my profiles and specified in the External ID Type the DUNS(isa05 01) and Phone (isa07 12) qualifiers.
–I have created a partner specific EDITPA and specified interchange level routing, In the envelopeIdentifier I added the expected ID and the cooresponding qualifier (i.e 01). The IS document type is wm.b2b.editn.TPA:EDITPA. Maybe this is the problem should it be something else
–I have not yet defined a processing rule. I will do that once I get my document and sender/receiver identified correctly.

I am not sure what else is needed to get TN to recognize the inbound information.

I’m not sure what Interchange info you’re setting up in the IS Administrator but I strongly suspect that’s part of your problem.
Confirm that you used the IS Administrator to install the EDI Doc types. On the right frame in IS Admin under Solutions, select EDI, select Install EDI Doc types.
Secondly what are the sender and receiver qualifiers used in your EDI file?

I removed the definitions that I had established thru the Administrator.
Also I have confirmed my doc type existance because the doc types are listed in TN under the Document Types options. Also the schemas exists in developer under the wmedifortn.ediffschema.x12.v4010 package.

The qualifiers I am using are 01 and 12