DocumentationRepositry for EDI please

Dear All,

Any documentation or web site that has all the information about the EDI (X12/EDIFACT)? All I can get along is - yes, there is some template provided by webM, I need to map it. That’s all.

But I want to bit more, know exactly as to what the templates are, how they are defined, is there any particular way in which they are constructed etc.

I may sound too naive, if this is a cliche question, please excuse.

Regarding EDI info, visit sites…you will get much better idea about what it does and also about the EDI Segments/structures (functional design).

you asked about the Templates,i think you are using pre webMethods/EDI 6.0 version (ie 4.6) …

There are some X12/UNEDIFACT templates available,which webMethods provided for us,so that we can load those (4010,3030,2010…)templates using Developer tool ,which will create us webMethods Record/Document structure and its ready for mapping to different formats(XML/IDOC…)

You can locate the sample EDI mapping from wmEDISample default Package provided by EDIModule.