EDI Module How to map a XML document to EDI X12 4010 820 file

I am currently working to map a proprietary XML document to the standard EDI X12 4010 820 file. My question is: should I type the 820 data structure in Developer and do the mapping manually for each field and segment of the file, or is there a better way? Is there a library of already build EDI data structure? Is it possible to download it and upload it in Developer the same way we do using DTDs or XMLs when we create data structures? Pls, let me know.


Seach this group for EDI you will find your many threads on this.
In summation you will need the EDI adapter and you can download the EDI Standards from the Advantage web site. Read the WM EDI Users Guide and the WM EDI Module for Trading Networks Users Guide. Also see the wmEDISamples package.


Hi Waleds:

Regarding XML-EDI mapping,just its a simple process.Before starting your mapping to EDI you need to have X12 4010 820 template file(which helps finally creating edi 820 document using this value referencing) and 820 Schema file (which loads and creates the record structure in webMethods)using the Developer tool.Finally you can start mapping xml to edi according to your requirement.

Templates and Schemas has to be downloaded from Advantage website.

Regarding mapping you are right its segment/field mapping methodology,this depends on your requirement how many segments you want to populate.

And I believe you already have XML record structure loaded in wM …


It worked well. Thanks!