Creating EDI documentation

Can webMethods create EDI documentation for use by our partners? For example, can it create EDI 214 or 210 documentation that we can then forward to our partners as a guide?

Check this link

I think you’re referring to whether wM is capable to generating the following EDI documents and interact with trading partner right?

EDI 210 Motor Carrier Freight Details & Invoice
EDI 214 Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message

If yes, you might want to first provide the which standard and version you’re using, and the safest is to confirm with SAG Global Support to see if they’ve out of the box support for that two EDI document types.

Hi Ng Mike,

Yes, those are the documents to which I’m referring. We’re using X12 4010. Our webMethods Module for EDI is 9.12. I believe we should have out of box support.

Hi Mahesh,

Thank you for linking to the EDI module documentation. I went over them, but was unable to find a service that generates the desired documents.

The documents can be imported or installed once you have EDI module running on your Integration Server. I am sure that EDI Module provides OOTB functionality for X12 4010 Doc Type.


I suggest you read, section " Forming EDI Documents and Sending Them Outbound".

Overall the steps are:

  1. Create a service and do the necessary mapping for segments into the IS document structure created based on the EDI schema.
  2. Invoke wm.b2b.edi:convertToString to convert the object into xmlstring in your custom service that use the mapping service. Depending on whether you need to further convert it from xmlstring to xml node, please implement according to your requirement
  3. Submit to TN
  4. If there is processing rule that handles the select document type, it will then trigger the processing rule to call the service invocation to further process the document, deliver via the protocols defined.

Hi Mahesh and Ng Mike,

Thank you for the direction.