Add EDI DocType

I have all required package’s for eStandard module EDI and have working IS & MWS with all required setup but still
While creating EDI Document Type such X12 4010 850 or etc transactions in MWS console I am not able to see any list of EDI doc type in down list.

while adding new doc types at: Solutions>EDI> Install TN Document Types it’s not showing anything either in drop down list.
where as in my IS cong dir \IntegrationServer\packages\WmEDIforTN\config\ → it’s has several X12_version(4010)_DocType.xml files

IS version : 8.2
WmEDI 8.0
WmEDIforTN 8.0
WmTN 8.2
WmFlatFile 8.2
version : 8.0

I am looking to develop end to end integration soln for edi module

1.May I know how to add EDI schema’s for X12 4010/or any version is okay or add EDI Document types in MWS console?
2. how to add SEF files and where I will get SEF files for X12 4010?
3. Do we need to manually upload all SEF files and run built in service 1 by 1 to add EDI X12 doc type in mws (as per sag guide)?
while running wm.b2b.editn.util.VersionSupport:addNewEDIVersion and provided \IntegrationServer\packages\WmEDIforTN\pub\X12\4010.sef
Could not run ‘addNewEDIVersion’ [ISS.0026.9102] Service ‘wm.b2b.editn.util.VersionSupport:createDocTypeFileFromSEF’ is not operational. To run this service, first recompile the Java source

Is i m missing anything here ?
kindly guide steps to add EDI X12

Vinay – You can install EDI resources in wM82 from IS admin page → Solutions-> EDI → Install option ( Not sure exact option name ). As you are learning EDI, better go through TN documentation for more clarity. I worked on it 2 years ago, so don’t remember exact details.


while adding new doc types at: Solutions>EDI> Install TN Document Types it’s not showing anything either in drop down list.

Vinay – There might be an issue while installing TN in your system. Please check installation logs. Did you also install TN related tables using DBCC ?


MR - I have complete setup for TN and have installed TN tables via DBCC even I have working inbound and outbound
integration flow for XML and FF files

Do you have all latest fixes on it ?


MR- can you shared what is the prerequisite is required to installed EDI X12 schemas and same to be reflect in mws?

Pls find IS, MWS and package level details

IS version : 8.2.2 on window OS SP1
WmEDI Version no fix
WmEDIINT 6.5.2 WmEDIINT_6-5-2_Fix14
WmEDIforTN Version no fix
WmTN Version
WmFlatFile Version no fix

Any idea what is missing here ?


latest Fixes are as follows:

WFF_8.2_SP2_Fix6 (FlatFile)

You should consider upgrading your EDI version to 8.2 SP1.


Yes please consider applying the latest fixes for your EDIModule for 8.2 and this should address various issues with the enhancements made.