Install TN document types

I have downloaded 10.1 trial version, when I am trying to install EDI document types i could not see the options to add a document types neither in IS or MWS.

Attached the snap shots of IS and MWS

Let me know if I need to apply any fixes.
TN_Issue.docx (75.7 KB)

Hi Madhava,

The reason why you could not see the options to add document type when installing the EDI document type is maybe that you had none EDI Module schema installed, therefore it is not possible to use them in IS/MWS.

To solve this, you have to run the Installer and install those schemas that you would need.


Yes please try to install all the components which comes part of the EDI Module 10.1 and once it installed the common packages you will see mainly are (WmEDI, WmEDIForTN) assuming at this point you have properly configured TN component (associated to some external DB) also and then restart the IS node.