How to edit EDI Document Type in TN

Hi All,

I am using webMethods v4.6, and working on EDI standards. I tried to install some UNEDIFACT EDI document type from the web-enabled integration server using the path:

integration server>Management>WmEDIforTN>Menu>Install EDI Doc type.

When i tried to open the same document type in the Trading Metwork. The document is creating some classpath error and i am not able to see the contents of it.

The Error is:
Error occured while editing selected document type.
The class for the document type that you are trying to edit is not found in the classpath. Please make sure that the classpath is set up properly.

Can anyone suggest where the matter is going wrong?



Are you trying to open the doc type from the TN Console.If so, trying to do that gives you the following message:“The editor for the requested document type can not be displayed
This document type category is currently not editable from the webMethods Trading Networks Console.”
Can you explain what you want to do editing the doc type?


Hi Ramesh,

Currently i developed one program to process UNEDIFACT DELFOR 96A data. Now i want to create document types and processing rules in the TN. For the document, i install the document type that comes with webMethods suite, by using the following way.

From the integration server page, i choose “Management” option, and went to “WmEDIforTN” homepage. There is one option called “Install EDI Doc Types”. Using this, i installed the document type. Due to change in the requirement, now i changed my program, which should also be reflected in the default document type that i have installed.

Can i edit this document type now? Or, atleast, view any how, whats the logic behind this document type?



TN wont allow to view or edit any EDI document type.
But if you want to see or edit the document type in TransactionAnalysis there is some work around.Basically you have to place the editn.jar file in the c:\WM6\TnConsole\lib folder.Then edit the TNCondole\bin\console.bat file and add this line in the
SET CLASSPATH="%CONSOLEDIR%\lib\editn.jar; and save it…

Restart the TNConsole,you should edit or view the EDI document type in the TransactionAnalysis.



If you want to see the document structure, then open the schema which is in WmEDIforTN.EDIFFSchema.{standard}.{version}.under the flat file structure tab, there is option to create the document type for that particular schema.after you click this,you will see the document created in the same folder.
Can you explain what do you mean by “Due to change in the requirement”?If you can tell us what your requirements are, then may be we can throw our inputs.

hope this helps.

Is above proceedure same for WM v4.x?

Delfor has gone many modification(many version available) since it is created. But the WM v4.x supports for the old version of it. And data sent now is of the latest version. i got new template and schema for the same to be compatible and parse the data. Now i have to create Document type and processing rule for it in TN. The existing default document type is behaving abnormally. For multiple times the same document type is matched during submition of data through IS and same result is created for multiple times at the end. This results are used at the last. But due to multi availability of the same result, the further functions are getting affected.


Yes it applies for any verison of WM/IS/TN.

Please follow the above procedure,you will find difference.



I am trying to work on the 856 schema with SOTI structure and I am trying to change the 856 schema in the package to match the structure of the ASN. But when I do that TN is not able to recognize the structure and the elements. Is this even possible and how would I have custom schema validation in this case.


What is your IS and EDI module version?

Also have you tried with SEFParse service for creating custom EDI schema object and try to validate (convertToValues) it before sending it to TN?