DocumentType for Flat File Recognition

Hi All,
I am working on a old vesion of WM i.e. WM v4.6.
I faced with the issue of creating sevices for processing ODETTE-DELINS (Delins is one of the transaction type under ODETTE standard) files, which are not supported by this version of platform.
I used SEF files to generate Template and Schema and created services to parse the inbound file. I also tried to create one DocumentType for the same by using SCHEMA and used it to create one Processing Rule too.

The inbound file has the format:


The first segment (UNB+UNOA:1+01010000759001…) is almost same as the segment find in any UNEDIFACT file. There are default DocumentTypes for the same in TN too for UNEDIFACT standards.
The problem is that the IS is recognizing this file as “UNEDIFACT”, but recognizing as it a DELINS transaction type file.
It means, the IS is recognizing as UNEDIFACT-DELINS, instead ODETTE-DELINS, although there is a user-defined DocumentType created for ODETTE-DELINS in TN. So my processing rule is IGNORED.

Can anybody find out a solution for the same?


For ODETTE support in TN4.6 please contact wm tech support,they can assist you better.

What is ur processing rule criteria for ODETTE documenttype?Since UNB/UNH is edifact standard it is selecting the UNEDIFACT type.

In the past i worked on DELINS,AVIEXP,STOACT doctypes in IS4.6 will let you know if i remember the process of TN recognizing the documents as ODETTE.But same kind of setup which you have done,it worked for us.

Ofcourse from IS6.x and 6.5 webMethods EDI is officially supporting ODETTE standards.


Its really nice to know that there is someone who has practical experience in handling these type of situation.

Can you please explain how to built a DocumentType for Flat-File like UNEDIFACT and ODETTE?


Sure will let you know if i recollect the things done in 4.6.