EDIINT over AS2 receive EDI document


As I am new to EDIFACT over AS2, I am doing some preliminary testings before starting a project. To start with, installed certificates for both sender and receiver, installed the necessary document types in TN.

  1. Invoked wm.EDIINT:send service inputing the necessary info (a UNEDIFACT 921 ORDERS document, Sign and Encrypt, Requesting a signed receipt from the recipient and MDN) and TN routed the document to remote server successfully.
  2. In local TN, when I view the Transaction Analysis, there are 2 rows:
    i) One row for EDIINT doc type (User Status = SendMsg:DONE)
    ii) One row for EDIINT MDN doc type (User Status = ProcessMDNMsg:DONE)
  3. In remote TN, it shows 4 rows as follows:
    i) One row for EDIINT doc type (User Status = ProcessMsg:PAYLOAD)
    ii) One row for EDIINT MDN doc type (User Status = SendMDNMsg:DONE)
    iii) One row for UNEDIFACT 921 ORDERS doc type (User Status = null)
    iv) One row for UNEDIFACT Envelope doc type (User Status = null)

Want to check with you experts the following:

  1. Is this how the EDIFACT documents are processed? ie. for every document, TN generates 4 rows!!!. Normally with XML, if a PO document in XML format is sent to TN, TN generates only one row.
  2. What am I doing is correct or there are better ways to process?

At the remote server, created a processing rule for UNEDIFACT 921 ORDERS doc type to invoke a sample service called sample:receiveEDI.
As I go through the documentation, it says, I need to invoke wm.b2b.editn:bizdocToRecord service within sample:receiveEDI to process the document further.

When I use this service, I get some validation errors like
<value>[FFP.0011.0016] Element has nested errors</value>

<value>[FFP.0011.0016] Element has nested errors</value>

Any clues what would have gone wrong? As the error says, invalid, I checked with the people around and they say, the document is a valid document.


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