EDIINT AS2 user issue

Have a AS2 EDIINT issue.

I have the partners certs setup in TN for partner as well as the enterprise.I have the partner posting to service wm.EDIINT:receive, I have set the service ACLs to anonymous.

Now the communication works just fine as I can see the EDIINT document getting posted into TN but the payload is not getting processed and EDI MDN’s status is set to Done with errors.

I have seen the processing of these two documents is done my user default.

and in activity log says the user doesn’t have admin rights to process.

Planning to create a user with Tn admin acls and provide to partner.

Or is there any other approach.


What IS/TN/EDIModule version having issues with?

I believe there is a TNS/EDIINT fix for 7.1.2 checkUser issue if i remember correctly…can you check on Empower/SAG support also?

Also changing gateway EDIINT:receive to Anonymous ACL is not good idea:



Version is 8.0.

I have changed the execute acl’s to TNpartners and created a user whih chas TN partners ACLs.

now the Http post to EDIINT:receive works and the X12 is extracted. but the processing service for X12 fails with error.


  <Message>You do not have the authority to retrieve this document.  Only administrators may access documents that they did not send or receive.</Message>

Until what level shud I be changing the acls to ,also some of them are common services and changing their acls may effect other interfaces.

Any Ideas?


The service is calling: wm.tn.doc:view
it has such requirement as shown in error message.
You can replace it with: wm.tn.doc:viewAs
it will allow you to retrieve the doc without restriction.

You can replace it with: wm.tn.doc:viewAs

This a custom change to the standard, but it does work as expected:

tongwang & rmg,

Worked as expected.



now I have one more question (related).

I get EDIINT (as2) and send EDIINT MDN back if its a one post at a time the partner (seeburger in this case) is getting MDN and its a success.

but when I post multiple docs to the EDIINT:receive at the same time. the MDN posted partner is erroring on the partner end saying invalid or missing MDN.

the MDN that is in TN looks just fine ( status is success) and doesn’t match the one that is in seeburger.



No idea…about see burger issue…but technically doesn’t matter multiple MDN’s it should work concurrently.