Security check failed, payload is not processed.


I am receiving the error message “Security check failed, payload is not processed.” when processing an EDI document from a new Trading partner I configured using TN. I set up the same partner in test with no problems. The service I am using is the same as test. The only difference is the certificates, url, and DUNS number. EDI documents are being received by the vendor without any problem. I think I have narrowed the problem down to the service causing the problem. Seems the message is a result of the MDN being sent. The service I am using is basically a clone of the processMsg service with a ftp added. I have been stuck on this for a week and have not received any meaningful help from WM support.

Are you using AS1 or AS2 ?

I am using AS2. I am new to Webmethods and inherited the environment. To find out there was a problem with the service I was using. Seems the developer before me cloned the processMsg service for EDIINT documents and made some changes to it that were not working in this case. I am finding out this is not the best way to handle things. Thanks for the quick response.

Read the TN/EDI docs about how the user account that is sending in the document to your IS needs to match with the profile that is indicated within the document that is sent. If they do not match, the document is rejected. This is to prevent one user from submitting documents that appear to be from someone else.

Yes, but the issue was that everything was processing fine. I was just receving that error when submitting the MDN. Which they were also receiving successfully.

You’re going to need to elaborate. In your first post you state that the error occurs when receiving an EDI doc from a partner. The last post indicates the error is encountered “when submitting the MDN” which I take to mean the MDN you’re trying to send back to the partner. Can you provide a detail list of activity and where precisely the error occurs?