Cannot Process EDIINT AS1 MDNs

I think I must be the only one out there with the misfortune of a partner that mandates AS1. So even if you’re not using this protocol, feel free to make any suggestions. I probably shouldn’t have posted this in the EDI forum, since the error actually occurs in the IS log and the document never makes it to TN. I would welcome any ideas about the following questions:

  1. Is multipart/mixed the content type I should be getting on an MDN? I think not because my other MDNs are multipart/report and multipart/signed. If not, what could be the reason I’m getting this?

  2. What is the meaning of the error in my earlier post: "2005-06-30 09:20:37 EDT [ISP.0068.0013W] Error processing service: [ISS.0068.9006] Server Error: "

  3. If my e-mail listener successfully picks up and recognizes other EDIINT messages from this partner, what could cause it to choke on the MDN?

Any and all responses gratefully appreciated. Thanks,


I’ll complete this thread monologue by mentioning that the problem disappeared by chance when we moved from the IBM 1.3.1 JVM to the Sun 1.4.2. I have no idea why. The MDNs just started appearing in the TN console after the change.