Couldnbt get the MDN content


I have a problem in receiving the MDN from my partner.
The MDNs sent were recognized as an EDIINT MDN document type but it always had no content in it. Hence, the sender/receiver ID were not recognized because of that.
My partner has confirmed that the MDN’s content-type was set to “multipart/report” but the MDN’s content-type that I received was set to “application/EDIINT”.

The whole process were successfully done before I changed my partner profile’s number. After I changed it, I started to get 2 extra documents along with the EDIINT document my partner sent to us.
The extra 2 documents are EANCOM envelope and another unknown document.
I have no idea what they are. So, could anyone please help on this issue?
Thanks in advance.

Sorry for not mentioning this in the previous post.
I am using AS2 for sending/receiving EDIINT and EDIINT MDN with my partner.
Thank you.

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application/EDIINT is the expected content-type.

So did you changed the ExternalId in your partner profile?


Yes I changed the external ID of my partner profile.

What happens if I uses HTTPS instead of HTTP? Shouldn’t the content-type be a multipart/signed?


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