Non-standard AS2 MDN response being sent to partner

A partner is sending an AS2 message and the webmethods response is a text/html “report” that includes in a TD cell way down in the HTML the ACTUAL MDN response that should be sent back to the partner. How is this being configured? See attached file - search for "Content-Type: multipart/signed; " and you will find the “embedded” response that is being expected but is instead wrapped up in what appears to be a webmethods report for internal logging

This is the attachment
mdn_response.txt (39.5 KB)

Does your partner not willing to change the content-type other than HTML way and can you also please check the current EDIINT Module 8.2 with SP1/SP2 supports that way?


Thanks for the reply.
The problem is not the partner.
It is that webmethods is returning an invalid MDN response. The partner is able to accept any of the standard AS2 responses.

Part of the AS2 security provides for signing an MDN response that is supposed to guarantee nonrepudiation.

To provide the MDN report along with the signature requires using a multipart response.

Even if the security is omitted, the MDN received by the partner is not valid. Somehow the correct response is being “intercepted” and wrapped in a text/html document as if it is a report for internal audit purposes. How do I identify the module that is wrapping the actual MDN?