AS2 MDN : Returned MDN is signed, but can not be verified


i have a problem by the verification of my MDN.

im signing a MDN message with bouncycastle ( and i can verify it successful with bouncycastle and also with openssl.
The messageDigest in the signature is the same of what i calculated, so everything likes fine,
but my client who works with webMethods Trading Networks Console can’t verify my MDN, he get the message:
“Returned MDN is signed, but can not be verified.”

have u guys any expierince with this kind of issues?
is it a configuration setting in the webmethods Trading Networks Console or something?

in attachment can u find my signed message, that gives the exception.

if someone need more information or something else, just let me know, i wil reply asap.

thx in advance for helping me out of this problem.
signed_message.txt (3.77 KB)

Hi ,

I am currently trying to implement AS2 in my project … can u kindly provide any configuration document for AS2. please guide me regarding this.
thanks in advance.

thanks and regards,
Gokul Rajulapati.
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hi, u can find a lot of information in the AS2OPEN project.
its opensource, so u can see how it works.

kind regards

Hi there,
I know this is a old thread, but the issue which i am facing is similar.

I am trying to communicate with one of our partner through AS2. setup was all done, and i can send messages to him.
at first he tried sending message to me, and it was succesfull. MDN sent back and that got processed at his end.
then i tried sending a message to him, i can see in TN transaction analysis that EDINT sent, and its status says SendMsg:WaitMDN, i received MDN back but the MDN was failed processing. below is the error which i can see in TN :
An error occurred invoking the processing service wm.EDIINT.rules:processMDN for this document. The original error was com.wm.lang.flow.FlowException: Returned MDN is signed, but can not be verified.

anyone please help.


Hi Bala,

I am now facing the similar issue which was faced by you, when receiveing MDN from a partner…i am alos geting a flow exception with sender and receiver as unknown.

Could you please help me on this…??


Did your setup originally requested signed and encrypted MDN back for your request?

Is that exact same exception as above or differrent per your logs?

Also what you see it in the Activity Log for the EDIINT and MDN transactions and statuses?

Hi rmg,

We have requested signed and encrypted MDN back, but the problem is with our partner certificate. we had replaced with a new one…it worked good


YES I assumed that and next thoughts:)