Problems Extracting MDN Info from AS1 Email Headers

We are trying to test EDIINT AS1 with a trading partner and everything works well except that TN is unable to extract MDN information from their e-mail headers. TN assumes these messages do not request an MDN. When I look at the messages in various viewers, the information is there. But when I do a getTransportInfo and tracePipeline the ‘Disposition Notification To’ and ‘Disposition Notification Options’ sections are not there.

I set up an e-mail port in IS admin to poll an MS Exchange mailbox. We’re running IS 6.1 on a Windows 2000 server machine. The partner is sending e-mail out of IPNET.

We’ve had a service request open with WM tech services for several weeks now without success. They are unable to reproduce the problem and can see all the MIME data in TN. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


It could be that your partner is not sending a request for an MDN return as they are optional.
getTransportInfo, getCurrentUser etc methods have also not worked for us in an AS1 setup. Btw this was in our custom processing service.
I’d try to stay away from AS1…

Well the problem turned out to be pretty simple. The mailbox in Exchange had been set to process receipt requests on arrival. This apparently caused the translator to remove the crucial sections of the MIME header whenever the message was brought over by the WM SMTP poller. Turning off this option on the mailbox eliminated the problem. It probably wouldn’t have taken so long if 1) Exchange didn’t preserve the original header and only removed it when translating from MAPI to SMTP; or 2) the partner would have let us know they were receiving junk delivery receipts.